Know Your Customer


The complexity of today’s global business structures keeps growing along with the negative consequences of not knowing WELL your customers’ and partners’ financial relationships.

6 Degree Risk uses advanced analytics technology to drill down through dense sources of data to unearth potential risks that can harm your investments and your brand. 

Not only does it unearth complex financial connections – quickly and well beyond the first-degree known relationships – 6 Degree Risk allows you to easily see how these relationships all fit together.

With these insights, investigators are able to:

Uncover and assess suspicious behaviors or risky relationships

Conduct due diligence more effectively and efficiently through machine learning

Enhance customer intelligence to make more informed decisions

Comply with Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence (CDD & EDD) regulatory standards with data-driven processes

6 Degree Risk enables you to decrease risk and increase opportunity by providing actionable insights into your customers’ commercial relationships.

6 Degree Risk multiplies the speed and scale at which you can understand and evaluate the corporate linkages and beneficial ownership of your customers, vendors and partners’ businesses.  Among the discoveries that it helps to facilitate are:

Relationships to marijuana-based businesses

Money Service Businesses

Hidden assets and associations

Politically Exposed Persons

Office of Foreign Control (OFAC) sanctions

Panama Papers

Human trafficking

6 Degree Risk can assess risk factors for individuals and organizations with as little as a name, address or phone number – and you can get same-day start up on the cloud-based technology.