6 Degree Intelligence Launches Powerful Search Software to Combat Financial Crime and to “Know Your Risk”


“6 Degree Risk” Replaces Manual Identity and Asset Searches to Identify Potential Money Laundering, Fraud and More

North Carolina-based 6 Degree Intelligence today announced the release of its pioneer software product, “6 Degree Risk,” a visual search tool that enables investigators to quickly discover business ownership links that represent potential risks to banking, lending or investment institutions or others, said the company’s founder and CEO Steve Overton. 

“6 Degree Risk applies sophisticated network graph theory and link analysis to search far deeper and faster for business connections beyond the first degree of known affiliations,” said Overton. “Our testing data shows users will be able to save up to 30% in investigative time to meet compliance demands for  Know Your Customer, beneficial corporate ownership, anti-money laundering and fraud discoveries.”

Cloud-based 6 Degree Risk is powered by SAS® technology and applies machine learning toward automated mining of the dark web and public data sources.  This yields visual representations of relationships and networks that can uncover domestic and offshore shell companies, straw buyers and other suspicious businesses and associations, as well as identify relationships to marijuana-related businesses, money service businesses, and others.

Designed initially to help bank investigators, 6 Degree Risk’s ability to uncover hidden identities and assets makes it equally valuable to family law practices, investigative journalists, law enforcement teams, medical insurance fraud investigators and forensic accountants.

“It’s very exciting for users when, after simply entering a name, address or phone number, a visual of several hubs and spokes appears indicating many layers of business connections that they may not have known about,” said Overton. “Whether they’re just doing due diligence or trying to uncover potentially nefarious business dealings, this software gives them actionable insight in just a matter of minutes.”

For more information or a demo of 6 Degree Risk, please send inquiries to info@6degreeintel.com.

About 6 Degree Intelligence

North Carolina-based 6 Degree Intelligence was founded in 2010 by software engineer and certified anti-money laundering specialist Steve Overton. In 2019, the company introduced its first product, “6 Degree Risk,” which applies advanced analytics technology and machine learning to assist investigators in quickly uncovering business connections and unknown risks beyond first-degree known relationships. Powered by SAS technology, the software enables financial institutions to meet compliance and due diligence requirements for Know Your Customer and anti-money laundering and fraud investigations.