About 6 Degree Intelligence

North Carolina-based 6 Degree Intelligence develops advanced data research and analytics tools that allow investigators and analysts to identify connections of individuals and organizations far deeper than the known “first degree” relationships manual searches reveal. “6 Degree Risk,” which was built on a cloud-based platform and powered by SAS, is the company’s first commercially available software product designed for small to mid-size financial institutions, businesses and investigative bodies.


6 Degree Intelligence is dedicated to helping clients protect their investments, their organizations and their customers’ trust.

6 Degree Risk technology is also invaluable for helping:

  • Lending Institutions: Discover potentially risky associations during due diligence for mortgage and small business loans

  • Family Law Practices: Discover hidden assets and relationships

  • Law Enforcement Teams: Discover illegal associations and activities such as human trafficking

  • Investment Advisors: Research corporate structures and supply chain relationships

  • Investigative Journalists: Identify potential conflicts of interest and corruption

  • Medical Insurance Fraud: Research medical practices and suppliers to uncover fraudulent claim schemes

  • Forensic Accountants: Enhance research speed and visualize relationships

6 Degree Intelligence Leadership

Steve Overton, Founder & CEO

Steve Overton, Founder & CEO

Steve Overton, CAMS

Steve Overton is the founder of 6 Degree Intelligence, a premier technology partner of SAS specializing in delivering software-as-a-service solutions to combat financial crime. Steve’s career has been built on delivering financial crime solutions to banks and credit unions, helping them streamline fraud detection, maintain regulatory compliance, manage workflows and provide advanced reporting and analytics. Steve is a certified anti-money laundering specialist with nine years of experience working with SAS as a technology platform and quality implementation partner.

Timothy Reilly, Director of Financial Services

Timothy Reilly, Director of Financial Services

Timothy Reilly

Tim is a 27-year veteran of financial crime investigations and is internationally recognized as an expert on uncovering money laundering and fraud schemes. A five-time recipient of the Department of Justice’s Award for Public Service, he received the Special Award of Honor from the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association. Tim has helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars and the prosecution of countless criminals. Tim drives growth for the firm by leading critical business development functions. He also serves as the firm’s direct liaison with clients, ensuring integration of 6 Degree’s SaaS, SAS powered platform seamlessly into the client’s operations and ensuring maximum benefit from 6 Degree’s financial risk analytics technology, 6 Degree Risk.