Actionable Insights from Advanced Analytics

It’s getting harder to find hidden assets and identities

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6 Degree Intelligence develops solutions and tools to combat financial crime through actionable insights that quickly identify unknown risks beyond first-degree known relationships.

Know Your Customer


  • Beneficial Ownership


  • Marijuana Related Entities and Businesses

  • Money Services Businesses

  • Hidden Assets

  • Politically Exposed Persons

  • OFAC Sanctions

  • Panama Papers & Offshore Leaks

  • Potential Drug and Human Trafficking Businesses

Anti-Money Laundering & Fraud


Powered by SAS technology, 6 Degree Risk applies sophisticated Network Graph Theory and Link Analysis to enable investigators to search far deeper and faster for connections to potential risk and opportunity to commit financial crime.


Deep data searches with visual link analysis offers critical insights to many industries:

  • Banking

  • Medical Insurance Fraud

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Lending

  • Legal Services & Due Diligence

  • Law Enforcement

  • Capital Markets

  • Investigative Journalism

  • Family Divorce Investigations